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party terms & Conditions


  1. All payments made online will incur a 2.6% Paypal surcharge.

  2. All payments made over the phone or in person with the EFTPOS machine will incur a 1.5% surcharge. Only cash payments will not incur a surchage. 

  3. Deposit payments must be paid to secure booking, either within 48 hours of the inquiry being approved or at the time of booking. Time slots cannot be secured without payment, and if payment is not received within 48 hours or paid at the time of booking, the booking will be cancelled/lost.

  4. All final payments must be completed before the party start date, or on the day of the booking and before the booking start time.

  5. All booking depoists are non-refundable and can not be refunded for any reason. If you need to change the time or date of your party more then two weeks must be given or we cannot alter these details of the booking.

Bookings, Timings & Activities

  1.  All parties are allocated a two-hour timeslot. Please do not advise your guests to attend earlier than the allocated time. The party host may attend 10 minutes earlier. However, we cannot guarantee access to your booked room before the allocated time.

  2. Parties will run one an hour, and due to the timetable parties cannot run over the allocated time or start earlier.

  3. At the end of your allocated time, the children are not allowed to continue playing on the equipment. With the allocated party time finished, our coaches can no longer supervise the children and due to safety, the children cannot play on the equipment unsupervised. Please be advised that when the party time is over we will ask the children to stay off the equipment.

  4. Aussie Gems is not responsible for any items including clothing etc, and for any items left behind including decorations once your party time has ended. Children will be asked to remove shoes and socks upon attending for safety reasons these cannot be worn during the party, they will be safely stored with all party shoes and collected at the end of the party. If you do not feel comfortable with this you are welcome to hold your child's shoes for the party. We do also provide grip socks which can be purchased. 

  5. Nerf Battles Activity: We provide all the tools for the activity, so private Nerf Guns and Googles are NOT allowed at Aussie Gems. and we will NOT be responsible for any damage or loss in case you decide to bring it anyway.



  6. We cannot guarantee the storage of food in our fridge in our café facility. We will always try our best to store any food you bring, but unfortunately, if we do not have the space then we will not be able to store your food.

  7. Due to strict Australian Food safety standards regarding the preparation and/or consumption of foods within a cafe or restaurant, we are unable to permit any of your own food and drinks to be served and/or eaten in our cafe area.  You are, however, more than welcome to serve your own food in our Party Rooms during the last 30 minutes of the party. This is inclusive of all party packages.

  8. With safety standards regarding our café, whilst we do our best to avoid cross-contamination we cannot guarantee this. Those with allergies are always welcome to bring their own food if this is preferred.

  9. Food or drink (excluding water) cannot be consumed in the gym and on the equipment. It can only be consumed in the café area or in the party rooms. If children bring food into the gym will ask them to go back to the café area to finish eating before re-joining the party.

  10. Strictly no alcohol is allowed in the venue as Aussie Gems is not a licensed venue. 


    Age Limits

  11. For children aged 6 and under we do not recommend the activity of Nerf Battles. At this age, many struggle to use Nerf guns and may not enjoy the activity. If you do wish to book this activity for the age you are welcome to do so, but a refund cannot be provided if the children do not enjoy the activity.

  12. For children aged under 5. For parties where children are aged younger than the birthday girl or boy, and younger children attend, particularly those aged 5 and under may struggle to participate in the activities with the older children. For safety reasons, the children cannot wander off to play on other equipment as they cannot be supervised and children cannot be on equipment unsupervised without a coach. If children do not wish to participate in the activity, they will be asked to sit out and we cannot provide refunds for children who do not wish to participate in the activities

  13. The Gems rooms, VIP room and Diamond Package can only be booked for ages 5 and up. For parties 4 and under, a $70 fee will be charged to cover the cost of an extra coach due to the need for more support with younger children.


    Number of attendees

  14. Waivers: Please ensure the online waiver form sent in your deposit email is signed for each child attending your party. This is essential for safety reasons and a child cannot attend the party unless the waiver has been signed by a parent or guardian

  15. The number of children attending: Please ensure you keep us updated with the number of children attending the party, including siblings. Parties are staffed based on the ratio of children to coach, and on the day of the party if extra children are added without advisement then there would not be enough coaches to supervise the number of children, and this would pose a safety risk. We reserve the right to turn extra children away if we are not advised of their attendance beforehand.

  16. If some children can no longer attend or the numbers are increased and we are not notified within a week of your booking then we cannot change the invoice total as this party has been staffed to cater for the number of children we have been notified of. If some do cancel please let us know as soon as possible otherwise we will still charge the same amount of the invoice. 



  17. We provide tablecloths, plates, cups, and cutlery. You are welcome to bring decorations if you wish but please be advised under the Gems Package the party room will not be available until the last 45 minutes- 30 minutes of the party, depending on the cleaning time from the previous party, so therefore would not be able to put decorations in the room until the then. The VIP Package allows access to the VIP party room for the whole duration of the party.

  18. We do not allow piñatas, or any extra activities as there is not enough time for these to be done in the 2-hour time frame of the party. 

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