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Class terms & Conditions

  • Things you should know before coming to our classes:

    1. You will need to bring a water bottle. Whilst Aussie Gems will always do our best to have water available it is best to bring a water bottle to ensure your kids stay hydrated throughout the class.

    2. It is recommended that your child wears comfortable clothes they can move around in eg. a T-shirt, shorts, leggings etc. Shoes are not needed and can socks can be worn but are not compulsory.

    3. All items such as water bottles can be stored on our shelves during class. Aussie Gems however is not responsible for the loss or damage to any personal belongs left unattended on the premises.

    4. Please let the coaches know if your child has any conditions for them to be aware of.

    Aussie Gems Class Policies

    • If you wish to take advantage of our siblings discount, please make sure you enrol at least 2 siblings and the second sibling class will receive the 10% discount. The discount does not apply to the Competitive Gymnastics Program.

    • We do not provide refunds for any days that your child is registered for and has failed to attend.

    • We allow one-make lesson per term, and the make-up must be used within the same term. This includes if your child can not attend due to other commitments or sickness. Any extra make-up lessons will only be provided at our discretion.

    • In the event a participant is unable to attend more than one class due to a medical condition or illness, please send us an email at along with the medical certificate.

    • In the event, your child no longer wishes to attend the classes or there are changes to your circumstances we can offer a credit for the remaining classes, valid for 6 months to be used on any program at Aussie Gems. If you do not wish to receive a credit, we could then only offer a 50% refund on the remaining classes.

    • If your child is injured during class and unable to participate, we will follow appropriate first aid procedures and call the parent’s number that we have on file.

    • We do not tolerate bullying or violence at Aussie Gems. If you have any concerns, please contact us immediately.

    • Payment must be completed to attend the class. If payment is not received and overdue, Aussie Gems reserves the right to sit your child out of the class until all fees are paid.

    • In the event your child has an injury and a medical certificate is provided, we will provide a credit valid for 6 months to be used on any program at Aussie Gems.

    •Unless advertised we do not offer free trials. Most classes can be attended as a casual, and our one-off casual fee would be charged to attend this.

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