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Birthday Parties FAQ

  •  The party is structured with 2 activities running for 45 minutes each.
    At the start of the party time as the guests arrive, the coaches will take the kids out onto the floor to warm-up. This will allow time for guests arriving.
    Guests however are welcome to join in at any time of the party time.

  • We host parties for age 4yrs and up, however for parties with kids turning 4yrs (and sometimes 5yrs if a majority of the guests will only be 4yrs old), then the younger package will need to be purchased as an extra coach is needed for these parties, as younger kids need a little more assistance.

    If you are booking for older parties, but have a kids younger then the party child (example the birthday kid is turning 7, and there are 4 year olds) then they are welcome to attend but they must be part of the party, they cannot free play in the gym due to safety reasons.  

    If you would like to host a birthday party for any younger ages please contact us and we can provide more information on possibly arranging this. 

  • Yes. We cater all our activities based off the age of the birthday kid. If there is any major age differences in the party please let us know and we can advise the best advice for your party.

  • Yes, we have safety googles for the kids who do Nerf Battles as an activity.
    We advise this activity is more suited for kids 6yrs and up as younger it can be a struggle for them to use the guns.

  • If you have booked the Gems Room then a table in the cafe will be reserved for you for the duration of the party where parents are welcome to stay. Parents are welcome to watch the kids do the activities, however if they have food or drinks including coffee, they cannot go onto the floor.
    If the VIP room is booked parents are welcome in here for the entire duration of the party.

  • If you have booked the Gems room then the kids will not access the room until the last 30 minutes of your party. If you wish to put decorations in the room, you are welcome to do so roughly 15 minutes before this (45 minutes before the end of the party), but this is not guaranteed due to timings of party.
    If you booked the VIP room it may be possible to get into the room 10-15 minutes before the start of your party, but this not guaranteed due to run times of the day, and if there is a party beforehand. You will have access for all the party time booked.

  • An automatic email will be sent 2 weeks before you party asking for the activities, number of children and catering to be confirmed. This must be confirmed this week, with the latest time for confirmation being before the Monday your party.

    Please note: this information helps with food ordering based on numbers and catering so it is important this is confirmed beforehand.

  • No, the kids will be asked to take their shoes off on arrival.

    We ask for socks off as we find they fall off in the foam pit and get lost, but can be kept on if prefered.

    We do also sell grip socks for $10 on site.

  • No unfortunately, due to other party running throughout the day this is not possible, and kids cannot go onto the equipment unsupervised without a coach for safety reasons.

  • No unfortunately, due to the timing of the party it is not possible to bring a piñata, or other party activities.

  • This is sometimes possible, it does just depend on the amount of notice given and if the number added does not differ too much to the original confirmed number, as an extra coach may be needed for a large number kids.

    Please note, if we are not informed for extra children attending the party, then during food time there may not be enough food (especially regarding the kids meals) as we only make a number of meals to the confirmed number of children. Notice is needed to add and cook extra meals and the extra charges for food and children does need to be charged. 

  • Waivers are completed through ewaiver pro. You will receive a link directly for your party waiver which can be shared to parents/guardians to be filled out. If you cannot find your link please email and we can provide this.

    Otherwise, you can share the link below, the parent would just ned to select the correct options, such as the party package date and time for the waiver to connect to your party. 

  • Invitations can be found on the confirmation email you will receive after booking your party. If you are having issues finding this you can email and we can email the PDF over. We do also have printed copies that you are welcome to pick up, however we do only have on design option for this. 

Packages, timing and general

  • If you choose to cater with us then for gems and vip room there is a $150 minimum spend, this includes just kid meals and platters and add-ons in total. For the diamond party the minimum spend is $250. Once this minimum spend is reached your are welcome to bring any extra kids food for your party. For the vip and diamond package adults food can be brought put must only be consumed in the party room as outside is not permitted in the cafe.

    If you wish to self-cater, a fee is $100 is charged for the gems and vip room, with $150 for diamond. This cost still includes cups, cutlery, napkins etc for your party, the party  hosts to assist with the food, cleaning the room and also for the cafe to be open for your party.

  • Yes! If you have selected Aussie Gems Catering, then one the minimum catering amount is reached you are welcome to bring in any extra Kid’s food to be consumed in your party room, this includes a birthday cake.If you are self-catering then you are also welcome to bring a cake and food to be consumed in the party room.We supply cutlery, plates, napkins and cups. We can provide a knife to cut the cake but do not have candles and not guarantee we have a lighter available.

  • No. As we are not a licensed venue alcohol is not premitted on the premises. 

  • Yes. To set this up you will to set this up on the day of your party. To do this, see the cafe upon arrival where they will ask for a card to keep for the tab. Please advise if there is a limit on the tab, or something parents may not be able to order, eg. food, and just coffee. At the end please pay the tab with the cafe.

  • Yes. The cafe will be open when you party is on whether you have catering with us or not. Parents are welcome to purchase coffees and food during this time. However, we may have a to stop taking orders whilst we are getting the party food ready, but can take orders all other times. 


  • Yes. However, we cannot guarantee the storage of food in our fridge in our café facility. We will always try our best to store any food you bring, but unfortunately, if we do not have the space then we will not be able to store your food.

  • Yes, we will always do our best to cater to any allergies, please just advise of the the allergy and we can check whether we can cater for this.

    However,  with safety standards regarding our café, whilst we do our best to avoid cross-contamination we cannot guarantee this. Those with allergies are always welcome to bring their own food if this is preferred.

Food and Catering

  • All parties require a 50% non-refundable deposit to secure the booking. This can be paid online via paypal, where a 2.6% surcharge will be applied with payment, this is also applied for the final payment. 

    When paying over the phone, or in person at front desk, a 1.5% card surcharge will be applied, and again this applies for the final payment.


    Only cash payments will not incur a surcharge and can be paid in person. 

  • If enough notice is given then we can possibly remove the charge for the extra child. If only a few days notice is given, especially on the day then unfortunately we cannot remove or change the booking and staffing and food has all been arranged for the set number. 

  • Final payment can be paid on the day but must be paid before the start of the party, or this can be paid online before the party.

  • All deposits are non-refundable and for any reason if you need to cancel your party then we cannot provide a refund.


    Regarding any changes to the date of the party or time we can only make up changes up to 2 weeks beforehand, after this it would not be possible to change the booking and new booking would need to be made to change this. 


Full details and T&C's can be found here.

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