NEW gymnastics registration, as Aussie Gems Cheerleading & Gymnastics is now affiliated with Gymnastics Australia, we need to register all students enrolled in recreational classes. The registration is $69 and covers you for the whole of 2021. We hope you understand that this is a requirement of our governing body and Aussie Gems doesn't put a mark upon the registration fee, we are very competitive compared with other gymnastics clubs.

Registrations for Term 3 of our Gymnastics classes are OPEN NOW!

Scroll down to view the timetable and select the classes you wish to enrol in.

Monday 12th July to Saturday 18th September 2021



$22/1h class & $30/1.5h class (10% off all siblings)

$25/1h class & $33/1.5 class casual (no siblings discount)

Gymnastics Australia Annual Rego Fee $69


one make-up class per term for illness


The timetable is subject to change depending on demand.

Gymnastics classes descriptions:

Recreation (Junior, Intermediate, Senior): Not everyone wants to be a competitive gymnast, which is why we at Aussie Gems, offer a class for Girls and Boys who want to do all the flips and tricks without the big commitment.

Boys Recreation: This class is all about the boys. Focusing on all the men’s equipment while having all the fun of a mixed class. A balance of strength, flexibility, and fun.

Advanced Junior Recreation: The class is 30 minutes longer than the Junior recreation class and will be tailored to create more of a challenge for our junior stars, as always fun will always be a component and our qualified coaches will make sure this program provides everything.

Junior Development (Boys): If your child wants a bit more of a challenge, then this is the class. Fun is always an integral part of all our lessons, however with this class, we focus a bit more on development. This is a pathway into potentially taking up competitive gymnastics.

To use an Active Kids or Creative Kids voucher, please forward it to with your child’s date of birth and give us a call to finalize your booking. It can’t be deducted from online bookings.